TEXAS First, HUB First™

Why We Exist

The Texas State HUB Program was designed to promote participation in state agencies procurement opportunities for women, minority-owned and service disabled veteran businesses. These opportunities can create income potential for the HUB Certified business as well as a new revenue stream for the State of Texas.


Lifelong Entrepreneurship Training Program™

The BID Academy Consortium™ extensive online training was designed to help women, minority-owned and service disabled vets gain the tools necessary to maneuver through the bidding process and to become more effective business owners. It is our lifelong mission to help the State of Texas improve it’s annual legislative HUB goals.

Texas Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

With our T.A.S.T.E.™ (Teaching Agricultural Sustanability Through Economics) Program, we use crop production as a way to teach youth entrepreneurship.

Doing More With Our Tax Dollars

Money Well Spent

By leveraging and recirculating our $20 billion dollar procurement spend, The BID Academy Consortium™, in partnership with The Texas State Comptroller and all state agencies, can promote the lives of our citizens and create a stronger more viable business culture that can ultimately improve and revitalize the bottomline of our Texas economy.


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